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AED Portable Defibrillators

Portable Life Saving Defibrillators are now becoming common place in most public places from Railway Stations, Airports, Shopping Centres to Museums, Stadiums, Venues as well as Commercial buildings and business premises and even private homes of vulnerable persons and are an essential piece of life saving equipment.

With our emergency services being stretched and traffic conditions making it virtually impossible for Ambulances and Para Medics to reach the scene of a Heart attack Victim within 15 minutes let alone the crucial 8 minutes of a heart attack it makes sense for the strategic placement of portable Defibrillators in places where public gather and to offer immediate response to saving a life whether it be an Adult or a Child.

AED Defibrillators

When a cardiac arrest occurs, the fact is that only half of the victims will need a shock. The other half require effective CPR.

Electric Shock or Effective CPR

All AED Defibrillators will deliver commands and an electric shock to your casualty but will your Defibrillator help you perform effective CPR? ASTS is pleased to offer a range of Defibrillators that can

Only ZOLL's AED Plus features Real CPR Help, a tool that is able to actually see what you are doing and provide feedback to help you do it well. Audio and visual prompts help you rescue with confidence and clarity unmatched by any other ZOLL Defibrillators are used by the British Heart Foundation and a growing number of Emergency services in the UK due to their unique features.

Not pushing hard enough? It will tell you to push harder.
Pushing hard enough? It will say, "Good compressions."
Not pushing fast enough? A metronome will lead you to the right rate.
It will even show you the depth of each compression in real time.
Not yet started? The AED Plus will tell you again to get started.
Compressions stopped? It will tell you to continue.
ZOLL believes an AED should not just deliver a shock. It should also help the rescuer
provide high-quality CPR. That's why you need ZOLL's AED Plus with Real CPR Help.

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Defibrillator Facts

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