Defibrillator Facts

Heart disease (including heart attacks) was the leading cause of death for both sexes in England and Wales in 2005, accounting for one in five male deaths and around one in six female, according to a report published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Source

Heart Attacks can strike at any time or place and heart attacks can strike even the young and seemingly fit young persons

Sporty youngsters stress their heart the most. If they have an underlying cardiac abnormality they are more likely to be at risk. This is because the heart is the body's engine and like the engine of a high performance car, it is more vulnerable if it has to work extra hard.

Sport does not cause a heart attack but it can cause a young person to die suddenly by exacerbating an underlying problem that already exists. Among those who have been killed by the disease is the son of one-time Wales football manager, Terry Yorath, Daniel, who died aged 15, within months of signing for Leeds United; Olympic cycling hopeful Adrian Hawkins, 22; Everton footballing prodigy John Marshall who was just 16; and Laura Moss, 13, a brilliant young international swimmer.

So you can see that Heart Attacks don't only occur to older persons young fit persons can be at risk and most recently, December 30, 2007, Scotland football star Phil O'Donnell dies suddenly

Scottish football is in shock this morning after the death of Motherwell midfielder Phil O'Donnell, who collapsed during their match against Dundee United at Fir Park yesterday. The former Celtic and Scotland player fell to the ground after 77 minutes.

Heart Attacks can strike at any time and the only provision we can make is at least be prepared for the possibility. To help save a life we need to be able to perform basic First Aid Resusitation CPR and hopefully have access to a portable AED Defibrillator

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